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570*360*400mm Toilet Wall Faced Geberit Sigma Cistern Rimless Flushing Slim Seat


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Package includes:
1x Rimless wall faced Pan
1x Geberit Cistern
1x Geberit Button

Wall faced concealing system toilet
Rimless vortex XL flushing technology
Easy-release heavy duty/slim Duraplas seat
Unique trap design – 100% clean water
SS304 fixing kits
V70 flexible connector
Rimless back to wall pans
Geberit Cistern 109.795.00.1:
Front flush mechanical in-wall concealed the cistern
Chrome Circle 115.882.KH.1
Black Circle 115.882.KM.1
Chrome Square 115.883.KH.1
Black Square 115.883.KM.1
Tank-15 year warranty
Valves-3 year warranty
Seals-1 year warranty
25-year spare parts supply guarantee
-Button (pick 1 from the following 4):
Size: 246*164mm in 12mm thickness
*Button A: Dual flush bright chrome/satin chrome trim
*Button B: Dual flush black/ bright chrome trim
*Button C: Flush bright/satin chrome trim
*Button D: Flush black/bright chrome trim

WELS info:
WELS model name: LT-1003D-R
WELS model code: Floor pan; LT-1003D-R
Expiry Date:22/01/2020
WELS license number: 1641
WELS registration NO: L05694
Star rating: 4 stars, 3.4 L/min
Button Full: 4.5L/min Half: 3L/min

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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 65 cm